Overview : Modern Filipino Women Culture

Although nowadays women empowerment is globally practiced, in some countries it is yet a taboo. In the Philippines, Filipino women are beginning to take prominent positions both in private organization and the political scene.

Former Philippine President Cory Aquino raised the flag of women empowerment in the Philippines. She served as the barometer for all women struggling to earn and take respect in the fields that men predominantly occupy.

Until today, Filipino women exercise their right for empowerment. Scientists, politicians, head of government offices, CEO’s, and even in the fields of engineering has a place for them. Not because they are women and treated like Madonnas but rather a statement of equality for both genders alike. steaming-hot-and-sexy-filipina-teen

However, with today’s technology Filipino women are being exploited. Worse, by their very selves. And how is that even possible? Take a look at some Filipino women‘s posted pictures in their social media accounts. They have forgotten that they are women. They suppose to act like one both on and off the social media platform. Cleavage here and their, ass pics hereto and thereto. What a disgust!

It’s not because those acts are acceptable in other cultures mean that it also is applauded in the Philippines. Probably because, Filipino women still has that culture of being submissive and masking it with their unacceptable acts? But who am I to judge these women? It’s not a judgement by the way, it’s just a matter of opinion.


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